It's EU vs CIS in the Latest Clan Scuffle Showmatch


Are you ready for another tournament? 'Cause this is the big one.

After their epic clash last December during the WG Fest, the best tankers from the CIS and EU regions are back at it. Will FAME keep their crown? The CIS commanders are back with a vengeance, and they have nothing to lose!

The Teams

  • FAME battled for their place right from the start. Winners of the European Qualifier of the Super Cup, they actually managed to defeat their CIS counterpart right in Moscow last December. A surprising twist for sure, but they will defend their crown with all the shells they have
  • The TRVST team trusts no one but its own tankers – a spartan discipline that might propel them to the top!
  • After the last WG Fest, the TORNADO CLAN wants revenge. What happened in December is in the past. The future is full of epic tank warfare
  • The KOPM2 emblem is a big bag of gold. Can you guess why they're ready to fight until the last tank?

The Format

Nothing too surprising: here's how this Clan Scuffle tournament will proceed on 24 of March at 14:00 CET (UTC+1).

  • Semi-Finals #1: FAME vs TORNADO
  • Semi-Finals #2: TRVST vs KOPM2
  • Showmatch: the best two teams will fight
All matches will be fought according to the "Best of 9" rule.

The Rewards

No clash would be complete without sweet loot up for grabs. Here's what the participating teams are fighting for:

  • 1st Place
  • 2nd Place
  • Viewers Giveaway
1st Place
  • 200,000 for the clan treasury
2nd Place
  • 100,000 for the clan treasury
Viewers Giveaway

Watch the event with us and try to get your hands on:

  • 3 Captain Jacket
  • 2 Duty Pullovers
  • 2 Commander Jacket
  • 1 Front leather jacket
  • 1 Gunner Jacket


Let's finish with a quick word on the Showmatch. It will be aired on YouTubeFacebook, and Twitch on 24 of March at 14:00 CET (UTC+1). We also will have the honour of receiving help from Aniallator114 and Still_mojo as our main casters! 

Predict the winners!

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Note: The votes end when the semi-finals start. Don’t miss your window of opportunity! If several participants guess all the results correctly, the winners will be randomly selected amongst them.


Get ready to support EU and as always, roll out!