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Introducing: The Master Cup Series

The ESL always strives to create fun and awesome competitions for you to enjoy. On that note, we have worked in collaboration with them to create the “Master Cup Series.” Using the 7vs7 eSports format (7/54) and the new Battle API system. A total of €2450 in prize money will be paid out through 4 qualifying cups and a concluding final.

The most important part of this cup series is that it is directed towards players that are not in the League Gold Series; which of course means that professional players will not be able to participate.

With the launch of ESL Play - the premium competition platform for all eSports players - and featuring a structure that puts the game first, it’s a gamer's paradise. If you are new to the website you should check out this beginners guide and begin your journey to becoming a professional player.

The top 3 teams from each qualifying cup will advance to the final! If you have already achieved a top spot in a qualifying cup you will not be allowed to participate in any other qualifiers.


So, what is this new Battle API (Application Programming Interface)?

In a nutshell, the Master Cup series system uses Battle API information and a Special Battle system (also used in Clan Wars) to send out invitations in-game. This makes the process of joining easier and less time consuming.

The Battle API has been built into the game itself and seamlessly connects the ESL Play platform with World of Tanks for the most streamlined, competitive, online experience to date. With the automation of game invites, score posting and bracket updates, Battle API integration allows for easier and more meaningful post-match analysis. Statistics like the number of shells shot, accuracy and damage dealt are made available mere moments after a game finishes.


Sounds interesting but tell about those prizes again…

With €2450 as total prize money, we also offer 100,000as prizes in the weekly cups for the first 32 teams.

Check out the prize distribution for each qualifying cup:

Qualifying Cup Prizes
  • 1st = €210
  • 2nd = 10,500
  • 3rd = 7,700
  • 4th = 5,950
  • 5th-8th = 4,900 per team
  • 9th-16th = 3,500 per team
  • 17th-32nd = 1,750 per team


In the final of this competition, only money is up for grabs:

Final Prizes
  • 1st = €500
  • 2nd = €350
  • 3rd = €280
  • 4th = €140
  • 5th-8th = €70


Sign-up for one of the qualifying cups:


How quickly are prizes distributed?

You will receive your gold prizes 2 weeks after the cup has been played. You don’t have to do anything other than add your line-up to the match and win. The amount of gold that you receive will be equally distributed amongst all players that were in your team.

For monetary rewards, an administrator will contact you for your payment information.


So we can count you in, then?