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ESL 3 on 3 Series

The Electronic Sports League has introduced a new 3 on 3 Series tournament, which all you small squad players will be able to play nearly every day! The first battles of the new series already took place last weekend, but have no fear as you can jump into the action at any moment.

You can play this new tournament every week, Monday through Thursday and on Sundays. These are the same days on which you can play the already well-known A-Series tournament, in which the season winner gets to play in the next season of the WGL EU. Please bear in mind that the 3 on 3 Funcup will also keep happening as usual every Wednesday.

The top eight teams of the new tournament will qualify for the season’s finals, with the top four winning a hefty chunk of gold. Head over to the ESL website for more information!


Roll Out! 

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