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DreamHack 2013 Final Summary

The prize pool for the final of the first season of the World of Tanks Pro League was 90,000 euros. The European World of Tanks champions have fought fiercely for months to get to the final at DreamHack 2013, and their big day has come. 

This final day of the first season has been a truly spectacular show and the level of emotion was  indescribable. Surrounded by crowds, the teams engaged in shows of tactical thinking, teamwork and tank-driving skills.

At the end, the best of the best prevailed and we know already who will carry the crown as the winner of the first season. 

 Team Place  Team  Team Prize
1.  team-dignitas 45,000 €
 2.  Virtus.PRO 18,900 €
 3.  Mousesports 13,500 €
 4.  Dragonborns 7,200 €
5.  SPALE 2,700 €
 6.  Kazna Kru 2,700 €


Congratulations to the winners as well as all the other teams who managed to travel to DreamHack 2013. Hope to see you in the second season of the World of Tanks Pro League! 

The winner of the World of Tanks Pro League will also get a chance to fight the champion teams from the other League finals. More information about this intercontinental clash of titans will be available soon!


Thank you for watching!