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WoT-Mix: First Music Trial. UPDATE

July promises to be hot for WoT community as it will bring quite a lot of things to celebrate. Not to be taken aback by the huge number of activities to come, get prepared for this marathon now and get involved in the new contest we present!

This is the first time we invite WoT players to act as composers. Your task is to come up with a piece of music that would include in-game sounds and voices. Using any other copyrighted materials is strictly prohibited.

On the other hand participants are welcome to use any audio editors for both, content modification and its creation. Musical pieces should be saved in MP3 format and uploaded to any free file server. Note that they must not exceed 10MB in size and the length of recording must be 2-5 minutes.

The best WoT composer will receive 6,000 gold. The second best masterpiece will be awarded 5,000 gold. And finally the composer whose piece of music will appear on the third place will earn 4,000 gold.

Check the respective topic of the forums for more information. Your musical contest entries should also go there.

WoT-mix starts now and will be closed up on July 11th at 23:59 UTC.

Let’s start the show!

UPD. The contest is over. It will take some time to judge all the contest entries. The results will be announced within a week. Follow the news!