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WoT Best DJs Chosen

One of the hardest contests to judge is over and it is time we announced the names of those who got highest marks from the judges. As the contest was musical, all entries were estimated by sound engineers.

First of all they were definitely trying to catch the sounds and voices heard in the game. Second, the sounds were supposed to be part of a real musical piece. Using any audio editor was allowed. The only prohibition within the frames of this contest was connected with the violation of copyrights.

The opinion of judges is reflected in the following chart:

The best WoT composer receives 6,000 gold. The second best masterpiece is awarded 5,000 gold. And finally the composer whose piece of music appeared on the third place earns 4,000 gold. Plus the judges have decided to introduce a special prize which brings 3,000 gold to TankMetalUpYour, the author of Tankmetal.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who participated in the first musical contest in WoT!