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World of Tanks Gets Back from 80's

Three weeks of tense competition have come to an end. The works have been estimated and the decisions have been made.

The winner of the NES-style World of Tanks contest is Isomery with his masterpiece Bonus Round.

Second place goes to Vortighern with his video NES-style World of Tanks Entry.

The video to occupy the third position of our NES-style WoT was recorded by Zeds_Dead, his video is called WOT Dendy/SNES Comp.

Although the podium seems to be full, the judges get a surprise for one more contestant. It has been decided that a special prize will go to Defector's [World of Tanks], 80's like!

Our congratulations to all winners. The awards total 9000, 6000 and 3000 gold for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd places respectively and 1,250 in-game gold as a special prize.