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Winter Contest and Missions



Tired of the winter cold? Well, the action is just starting to heat up in World of Tanks, so go earn your battle stripes and show the world just how good a tactician you really are!

This year, the European community team is asking for two duties commander, with, of course, virtual and physical prizes for the winners!


Contest #1: A Commander’s Story

For the first contest, we will ask you to draw, in a comic strip frame that we will provide, a Commander’s story. It can be a combat tactic that you want to share, a tank commander story that may be based on reality or fictional, or your best memory from the past year in World of Tanks. We know that you are talented, so don’t hesitate to show it and win some great prizes in the process!


Contest #2: Missions for you, commanders!

Maybe some of you will be lucky enough to gather for those winter holidays with your friends and family. Fear not! We will be offering some quick and easy missions, via our Facebook page, so that you can still participate. Be sure to like it so you won’t miss any of it!

There will be four missions available for all our European players and the winners will get some cool prizes!

Starting from 19 December, we will ask you to do some missions and you will have 3-4 days to fulfil your duty until a new mission pops up. The winners will be selected randomly from all the European players who have completed their missions. If you are skilled enough to complete all four tasks, you will also have the chance to be selected for additional physical prizes!


More details will be shared soon.


Stay alert, commanders!