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Cheerleading Madness Contest

The League Grand Finals are not far away! This great eSports event will host the top teams from all around the world fighting for the title of best team in World of Tanks. We didn’t want your wait to drag on so we've prepared a special creative contest to tide you over.

Goal of the contest:

The goal of the contest is to create a short video that will show you and your friends’ support for one of the eSports teams that is going to participate in the League Grand Finals in Warsaw on 4th-6th April. The video should consist of real-life recordings but you can supplement it with a bit of in-game footage. Here are some suggestions:

  • Support your team in the style of a football fan.
  • Comment on one of the previous matches played by your favourite team.
  • Prepare a banner, T-shirt or other item to endorse your team.
  • Sing a victory song.

Now that you know what your task is, take a look at the prizes and rules of the contest.



Place For Every Participant For the Author
1. 2,000 Type 59
2. 1,500 bonus code
3. 1,000 bonus code
4. 750 bonus code
5. 500 bonus code


Please remember that only a maximum of 3 members (1 author and 2 participants) from each team will receive the rewards.

The rewards will be given regionally, however a player can submit a video in one forum language section only. If a player submits their video in two different language sections on the forum, the work will be disqualified.



  • You can support any team you want (it doesn’t matter if it’s from the EU or not).
  • The video can be created individually or in a group, but only a maximum of 3 members (the 1 author and 2 participants listed in the submission) of the team will receive prizes if the  submission wins.
  • One player can be an author or participate in the creation of multiple videos, however each player can be rewarded only once. In a situation where 2 videos featuring the same group of players is selected for multiple prizes, the group will only receive the higher value prize.
  • You can submit your videos only in your regional forum section. In the case where a player submits a video in two different language sections in the forum the work will be disqualified.
  • Your video must not exceed 1 minute in length (that is the maximum, it can be shorter).
  • Your video must be at least 720p HD in quality.
  • The video can contain real-life and in-game footage.
  • Only in-game music can be used.
  • You may use video-editing programmes to cut up your video and edit in text or effects.
  • You must upload your video to YouTube.
  • You must insert the link to the video in the Contest thread.
  • In the video description, please include the in-game names of the players that will receive the rewards in case your submission wins (3 players maximum) and also note who the video editor (or author) is from the group (As the video editor/author gets an additional prize if they win).
  • By entering the contest, you agree that you are not submitting any copyrighted materials or materials that have been previously published on the Internet.
  • By entering the contest, you agree that you are the author of the content/material that you submit.
  • By entering the contest you agree that your YouTube video could be published and used by without any compensation.
  • The deadline for entering your submissions is 23rd March 2014. We will publish the results and give out rewards as soon as we examine all the entries.


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