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Western Shootout Competition!

Dear Tankers,

Community Contributor DezGamez brings you a unique competition which gives you the chance to not only take part in an exciting brawl for gold, but also brings you the opportunity to get your hands on the coveted Type 59!


  1. This is going to be 3 vs. 3 event – three players to a team.
  2. You can use any ammunition, equipment or consumables possible, it is up to you what you choose! 
  3. You can drive only with a Tier VIII medium tank. You can use any Tier VIII medium tank except the Type 59!
  4. You have to fight in the battle zone, marked in green in the video. If one of the team members is outside the zone, the team is disqualified for that particular battle. DezGamez will be a spectator in every game.
  5. Teams are going to fight for 2 wins out of 3 games. First team getting 2 wins is through to the next round.
  6. If everything is set and everyone in the position, then the fight starts according to DezGamez’s instructions.


For more information on how to register, simply watch the video below and see the list in its description:

NOTE: Your team leader has to be contactable via email! All important information will be sent to the teams via email. 

We love this idea so much we’re showering DezGamez in gifts to present to you! Simply leave a comment in the video above and you’ll have a chance of winning one! The additional prize pool includes:

But the big prize is only up for grabs to those who register and take part. If you want that Type 59 you will have to register a team, fight your way to victory and then battle your own teammates and Wargaming EU’s Grimbru to be the last man standing!


So what are you waiting for, Commanders? Comment on the video and send your team registration now! Glory and the infamous Type 59 await!


Roll out!