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We Name Best Tanktales

World of Tanks players are often suggested to make a picture, an image or to produce something material. But Telling Tanktales contest differed from usual contests as this time our great tankers were to create a real tanktale!

It's noteworthy to mention that we received lots of stories full of vivid characters and thrilling plots. Unfortunately, not all of them were created according to the stated rules, but still, each of them is unique and interesting! It was very hard to choose the best tales among the variety of ideas and intrigues of each plot. Nevertheless, after a heated debate, we are ready to announce the winners!

Gettor created the best tanktale named 'Dragon hunting - in search of perfection', which brings him 6,000 gold! Second place goes to Cyan_PL and his 'The Long Journey' tale, that gets him 4,000 gold. Third place holder is akos1922, who will receive 3,000 gold for creating 'Tank is small but strong' story.

Besides that, we decided to give special prizes: to Cpt_Lithuenne_LV for his story called 'The Dragon slayer Chronicles: Origins', and to PanzerJagerMk2 for his 'A Maus Tale'! They will receive 1,250 gold each.

All tanktales can be found in the respective topic on the forum.

We thank all the participants for making captivating stories and wish all of you good luck in further partaking!