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“Vintage” View on History

Elbe Day traditionally symbolizes the beginning of the end… end of World War II. This reverent occasion couldn’t have been overlooked and a special creativity contest was organized. The point of the contest was to immortalize the date within WOT by presenting a work done in the style of historical photo which would develop the theme of “marking an important step towards the end of World War II in Europe” as the Elbe Day is known as the day when the American and Soviet soldiers met at the river in Germany.

Except the general criteria that were supposed to be followed when performing the task, the “mood” and “spirit” of the photo was also taken into consideration by the judges.

As a result Azakiel got the highest marks for his work. Adiyahu occupied the second place. His work was also assessed highly. The work by mossin rounds out the top three of the Elbe Day contest entries. The winners will be rewarded with 12,500, 8,500 and 5,000 gold accordingly. The prizes will be credited to their accounts within a week.

WOT development team congratulates the winners on their perfect performance and thanks all the participants for their dedication and enthusiasm.