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Twitter Quiz Winners Detected. UPDATE

The new quiz, dedicated to the Battle of the Somme, was launched on European World of Tanks Twitter channel on September 15th. And on September 16th we are already announcing its winners!

 20 questions appeared on our special channel, and our warriors were to answer them. Generally, the tankers gave answered all questions, except for the sixth, which remained unanswered.

It's interesting to know that we received more than 2,500 messages from more than 180 contestants! Even more interesting fact is that almost half of them won gold! The biggest amount of gold will go to camelurso, who answered 5 questions and will receive 2,500 in-game gold! Other smarties are Warenwolf, _Grim_ and Kr4zy, each of them will be credited 2,000 gold. Full list of winners can be found here. Congrats to the tankers and prepare for the new quizes, which will take place twice a month!

We also welcome your comments on the quiz in the discussion thread and will take them into account furtherly.

UPD. Special polls about the quiz were added to the discussion thread. We would be glad to read your feedback there as well!

Stay tuned for more World of Tanks!