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Train the Brain! UPDATE 10/6

As it was announced earlier, Matryoshka Assault Shipping quest and quiz starts at 15:00 UTC on June 8th. The Quest and Quiz will be finished in 24 hours (15:00 UTC on June 9th).

Those who participated in the first quest and quiz know what crafty creature Matryoshka is. She provides a question the answer to which is the key to the next one.

The riddles may be hidden anywhere including our WIKI and social networks. Only if you are craftier than the craftiest creature (Matryoshka) and really knowledgeable, you will succeed.

The answers to the final questioner should be emailed to

The first three winners will be awarded 5,000 gold.

Those who occupy places from 4 to 6 will receive 2,500 gold.

Players who complete MAS with 7th – 10th results will get 1250 gold.

Ready to train the brain? Click here!

UPD. 10/6 The contest is over. The results are being counted and will be announced soon. We thank everyone for their participation!