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Top Conquerors

The six fastest players gained the desirable vehicles with their big guns.  Those who have reached the top in progressing to their SPG’s receive 7,000 gold. It took Redmeer approximately 90 hours after the wipe to get Object 212 (on the US-server the same vehicle was reached in 163 hours). CptCrunch progressed to GW-Tiger in 89 hours and natural_killer_cell got his M40/43 in 142 hours.

Brave tankers who are now driving “steel fortresses “ are xQlusive, Hedzik and Sekud. They possess Maus, IS-7 and T30 respectively. And while Maus appeared to be a rather tough prey (266 to get it), T30 was achieved in 119 hours (it took them 138 hours to get it on the US-server). The happy owners of enviable metal beasts receive 10,000 gold.
The deserved rewards will appear on the players’ accounts within a week.

Deteailed information about the contest you will find on the forums.