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Tanks Launched to Space!

The contest “Tanks Go to Space” dedicated to celebration of the 50th anniversary of Yuriy Gagarin to have entered space was closed today and the judges expressed their opinions.

The general opinion of all the judges was that most of entrants did their best and their works displayed rich imagination and creativity. In some cases though the participants ignored main requirements such as “space should be present in any of its display (galaxies, planets, stars etc.)”, “battle actions include space combats, planet assault, landing on the planet, engagements in the open space” and – what is more essential – the works were supposed to be collages and not just photos or pictures.

Anyway having estimated the works the judges came up with the decision that the absolute winner of the contest is kurkusmaximus. His witty and high-quality collage will be awarded 6000 gold that will be enrolled to his account soon. kingseye11 was voted the runner-up of the contest. His prize is 4000 gold. And the third place of the pedestal is occupied by Quajak who will get 2000 gold. And the following players will be awarded with special prize of 1000 gold each: Finite, S1av, Bean0, prometej.

We congratulate all the winners and thank everyone for participation.