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Tanks & Halloween Comics Contest

Once again we encourage you to demonstrate your creative skills in the new comics contest called Tanks & Halloween. This time we would like you to combine the Halloween holiday with World of Tanks!

Make Halloween on World of Tanks battlefields by October 30, 2011: create the exciting comics by adding funny comments to the screenshots, pictures, images, digital photos, dioramas, 3d tank models or caricatures drawn by hand or created using the special graphics editors and submit your masterpiece for the contest! The well-balanced use of the All Saints' Eve attributes and World of Tanks features increases the chances of winning the contest. The submissions should contain the in-game aspects and the traditional Halloween features.

It's up to you to decide what Halloween might look like on World of Tanks battlefields: you can make a pumpkin-tank or show the tank wizardry or produce whatever you wish to present!

Visit the special submissions thread to read more about the rules of the contest and its prizes.

Visit the respective threads in Italiano.