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Tanker’s Soul Secret. UPDATE

The hardest contest to judge was over on Saturday (May 28th) but the number of entries was so big that the panel of judges didn’t manage to consider all of them thoroughly and attentively and winners’ announcement was postponed.

UPD. Due to cheating has been revealed, the winning chart has been altered and lt300, who apparently "borrowed" an existing poem, has been banned from ever taking part in WoT-contests.

Now the results are as follows:

  • Doofus’s poem is awarded 6,000 gold;
  • The “Tank Tale” brought in by kosmo24 occupies the second position in our poetry chart and brings the author 4,000 gold;
  • The third place is given to boredguy13. He gets 2,000 gold.

Silu_0 gets a special prize of 750 gold as a special prize.

All the winning poems can be read on forums.

WOT development team thanks everyone for their participation and creativity. Stay tuned! More contests of the type are to come.