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Tank Was Put on a Pedestal

There are a lot of traditional war monuments with tanks on the top of a base. World of Tanks offered its players an opportunity to present their own vision of a tank monument of the XXI century.

We have received many images, depicting tanks in various ambience and different places. After a heated debate, we are ready to name the winners of the contest!

First place goes to algis242, who made this masterpiece, which received the majority of votes and will be awarded 5,000 gold! Second place and 3,000 gold go to yanno and his work. AUSTRIS and shagrathCRO share third place, they both will be awarded with 1,500 gold each for their works: AUSTRIS' and shagrathCRO's, respectively!

Moreover, we decided to give a special reward to bandhelix for the interesting idea of the monument! He will be given 750 gold.

All contest entries can be seen in the special forum thread.

Thank you for participation and good luck in further partaking!