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Tank Skins: New Fashion in WoT

Start the summer in World of Tanks with a new “dress” for your steel beast! Make your vehicle trendy and enviable with the skins created by contest winners.

As the contest was all about the tanks known to everyone – Tier 1 vehicles  MS-1, Leichttracktor and T-1 Cunningham – the results have also been counted in three groups. 

The most popular vehicle with the skin designers appeared to be the German tank. Leichttracktor (or Loltracktor as players tend to call it) became the object of most design experiments. The competition was really high here and the most successful experiments were the following:

ED209 gets 6,000 gold for the tank skin presented here

Gazthing occupies the second position and is awarded 5,000 gold. You can check out his idea here

h3rbata‘s work was also successful and brings the author 4,000 gold.

MS-1 was less popular than the German counterpart but still it attracted a lot of attention and interest. The best examples of skins belong to:

DashingBlade, he is the winner in this category. The skin he presented can be checked on forums.

Wizard‘s witchcraft and skills led him to the second place. Click here to find out what his submission was.

And the runner up here is Dragon93 whose tank skin was chosen as the third good one.

The winners get 6,000, 5,000 and 4,000 gold respectively.

The American tank designers who showed best results are:

Gazthing, who has already become the second in "dressing" Leichttracktor, is the winner and his tank skin can be checked here. The prize for the victory is 6,000 gold and to sum it up with the previous Gazthing's achievement, the total amount of gold the player gets is 11,000.

Ali87 with his creative idea is on the second place in the winning chart.

The third best result belongs to mossin.

The runners-up get 5,000 and 4,000 gold respectively.

WOT development team thanks you for participation and interest. Enjoy the new fashionable trend in World of Tanks!