Tank Factor: Sabaton and Yamaoka on the lookout for stars!


Akira Yamaoka is a legendary Japanese video game composer and musician who is best known for his work on the Silent Hill series. He’s also an avid World of Tanks player, and some of you may have seen him at this year’s gamescom, along with Sabaton.

The two have teamed up with the Tank Factor music contest and you can win some awesome prizes by joining in. Winners have the chance to perform live on stage with Akira at this year’s WG Fest in Moscow, taking place this December.

If that’s not enough, Chris Rörland from Sabaton recently told us he wanted to jump in and lend his expertise to the contest. He’ll be looking at your tracks and deciding which musician is worthy of getting their hands on his awesome guitar!

Akira and Sabaton know there are a lot of talented musicians in the gaming community, and they’re really looking forward to seeing what our community can do! The video below shows his process, inspiration, and what he’ll be looking for when judging Tank Factor.

To apply, just head to the dedicated Tank Factor website, where you’ll find everything you need to get involved.

Join the Tank Factor!