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Tame the Rhino Contest

We have just introduced the new 8.9 update and with it, the new line of German tank destroyers. We want to encourage you to try them out and prove yourself as a flexible and fast-learning tanker!

We prepared this contest for those who are willing to show us real mastery of tank driving and who want to participate in creating the new vehicles’ renown.

The powerful Rhino is a fearsome creature. We hope that you will show us how to tame Nashorn and its kin on the battlefields!


Contest rules

  • To participate, you must use the German tank destroyers introduced in the 8.9 update to get as many experience points as you possibly can.

Marder 38T (Tier IV)

Pz.Sfl.IVc (Tier V)
Nashorn (Tier VI) Pz.Sfl.V (Sturer Emil) (Tier VII)

Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger (Tier VIII)

Waffenträger auf Pz.IV (Tier IX)

Waffenträger auf E 100 (Tier X)


  • Bonuses for experience points (first victory, premium account, etc.) do not count towards the contest results.
  • Only results from random battles are taken into account in this contest. Platoons are allowed.
  • There will be two prize categories: daily prizes and weekly prizes.


Daily prizes

The top 25 results for each Tier (IV–X) for each day will be rewarded at the end of the contest as follows:

Tier IV


Tier V


Tier VI


Tier VII




Tier IX


Tier X


You can win multiple prizes per day (but not for the same tier) and multiple daily prizes during the week, as long as you qualify.


Weekly prizes

For each vehicle, the player scores the highest amount of experience points during the contest will win 6 months of premium account access.

You can only win this prize once, so if you qualify twice or more then the player with the next highest amount of experience points will receive the prize.

You will receive the prize for the vehicle that gave you the top score earliest. I.e., if you get the top score for Tier VII earlier in the week and for Tier V later in the week, you will get the prize for Tier VII and the prize for Tier V will go to the second best result).

The contest starts on Tuesday 5th November 06:10 (UTC +1) and lasts until Tuesday 12th November 06:00 (UTC +1).


Commanders, tame the Rhino!