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Superior MVPs Selected!

October 21st World of Tanks started the new MVP event to find out who's the best tank killer on the battlefield in all tank type categories. After the two weeks of the desperate tank hunting, World of Tanks team is ready to announce the winners who demonstrated the exclusive combat skills and produced great performance on the war fields. Besides getting the title of the Most Valuable Player, the victors will receive notable prizes!

  • Light tanks:

HBRINGER - 319 points
Loozer - 309.8 points
GrimzRO - 302.8 points

  • Medium tanks:

HBRINGER - 146.2 points
Nixxer - 139.1 points
arriva - 137.2 points

  • Heavy tanks:

x9nox - 102.8 points
MordecailSC - 102 points
storeslem - 100.6 points

  • Tank destroyers:

Cysteine - 131.4 points
Dymitrius - 129.07 points
SilverDash - 121.7 points

  • Self-propelled guns:

storeslem - 110.6 points
eFse7en - 105.4 points
RedeemerPL - 102.2 points

As we've promised, the Most Valuable Players will get 6-month premium account for the first place, 3-month premium account for taking second, and a month premium account for the third place.

The player with the nickname HBRINGER turned out to be superior in two categories: light and medium tanks, which means that he will get the premium account for the whole year!

Incurably and Seldarine are disquailified from the contest due to the falsification of their submissions. KR9 is disqualified for the cheating and violation of the contest rules.

We congratulate the winners and all the participants for the great results and are already preparing more new competitions for your fun!

View all the results in the submissions thread and stay in tune!