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Ready For “The Drill”?

The registration was closed on May 2nd and almost 4000 players have expressed the wish to participate in the championship. They have formed 211 teams. Even the teams that haven’t submitted the application forms but satisfied all the requirements have also been included. Teams that had less than 14 or more than 20 members were declined from partaking.

The first battles start on May 8th at 18:30 UTC. And the battles of the next tour are scheduled for 19:00 UTC May 9th. However check the tournament sheet before the event. The times of battles will appear there a few days before the championship starts. Follow the schedule closely, updates are possible. All the necessary information concerning the championship (including times of matches) you will find on the tournament page.

Each member of the winning team will be awarded with 15,000 gold. The prize for the second place will be 7,500 gold for each team member. And those tankers whose teams finish on 3rd and 4th places will receive 5,000 gold each.

As it was announced earlier the play-off system will require 2 victories in 5 battles. The competitions will be held on map Westfield.

The Drill training camp regulations and tournament sheets are here