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Put Tank on a Pedestal Contest Is Over

There are a lot of traditional war monuments with tanks on the top of a base. We offer you an opportunity to present your own vision of a tank monument of the XXI century.

We accept your ideas of tank monuments as drawings, sketches, paintings or images created by graphics software.

Use all means possible to make your monument stand out in the crowd of traditional and realistic ones!

What we really do not want to get is a bunch of edited photos of the existing monuments or simply their copies on paper. What we are willing to see is individual, innovative and unique masterpieces.

Your contest entry will become worthier if you provide a description of what materials you would recommend to use for constructing the monument, where you would like it to be put and why. You can also add a slogan or motto that would highlight the distinction of your creation. In addition, it will increase your chances to come out on top!

The winner of Put Tank on a Pedestal contest will receive 5,000 gold, the effort of the player to take the second place will be rewarded with 3,000 gold and the prize for the third place will be 1,500 gold.

UPD. August 16. The contest is over, its results will be announced soon.

All contest entries should go in a separate forum thread.

Good luck and be bold in your creativity!