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MVP: Porsche's Steel Fortresses

This time Most Valuable Player contest will involve those who can easily gain the Steel Wall achievement. Earning it is the main requirement if a player wants to participate in MVP: Porshe's Steel Fortresses.

We are looking for players who will achieve the best results in Steel Wall: Tier 9-10 and Steel Wall: Tier 7-8 categories from now till 23:59 UTC September 5th.

The Steel Wall: Tier 9-10 category has following rules for earning the points:

VK 4502Ausf B and Maus tanks are allowed;

Players are required to withstand as many hits as possible, as they count as MVP points;

Each damaged enemy counts as 2 MVP points;

Each destroyed enemy counts as 3 MVP points;

Each additional battle achievement (Top Gun, Defender, Invader, Confederate, Sniper and Scout) gives 5 MVP points.

The same rules are relevant concerning the Steel Wall: Tier 7-8 category. The vehicles allowed are Tiger (P), PzKpfw VIB Tiger II, VK 4502 Ausf A and Ferdinand.

Winners in each category will be awarded 8,000 Gold, the second place will bring players 6,000 Gold and the third prize-holder will enjoy 4,000 Gold. Also 2,000 Gold will go to players to take the 4th place and place 5 will reward players with 1,000 Gold.

The detailed regulations of MVP: Porsche's Steel Fortresses you will find on the forum.

Ready, steady, go!