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Paper Tanks Struggle Finished

According to the requirements of the contest players were to come up with a paper tank. The contest entry was supposed to represent one of the vehicles that could be met on WOT battlefields or at least be in development.

The judgment of contest entries was held in three categories – American, German and Soviet paper tanks. There were three awardees in each category. In addition the judges introduced special prizes.

We are glad to announce the names of winners. In the category of German tanks the top three looks as follows:

Winner  - Dimgrave who created an SPG - GW Panther

2nd Place - stundif with their PzKpfW 38 "Blue Stripes"

3rd Place - the_forge with a Jagtiger

In the category of Soviet vehicles the winners are:

1st place - VN_K95 who created T-54

2nd place - krzysiekPL with their KV

3rd place - Zemuli who came up with SU-100

In the category of American vehicles the list of winners is:

1st place - Milan_CZ with their M5 Stuart

2nd place - radekPL with a TD T25 AT

3rd place - Brogath who constructed M10 Wolverine

The winners will be awarded 3,500 gold. Those who took the 2nd place will receive 3,000 gold and runners-up will get 2,500 gold.

However as it was mentioned above the judges’ decision was to award more players for their interesting works.

Here goes the list: j_gagarin and their tiny Maus and Feralix with their M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer will be awarded 1,000 gold.

The judges would also like to award Rodolfo who created a great Panther. However they need to find out a few details. For this reason we would like to ask the author to PM Vallter.

Congratulations to all who successfully created really light tanks!