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Operation Husky Special: To Be Continued… UPDATE

Kill the Deserter is the event meant as a supplement for the special. It will be held regularly. The event will take place once a fortnight and last all the weekend.

The first event will take place on July 28th from 14:00 till 22:00 UTC and will be repeated during the same hours on July 29th and 30th. On July 28th at 14:00 UTC DESERTER_WG player will appear on battlefields. People who want to destroy the secrets that are necessary for WoT development team are hiding under this name. That is why the task of the tankers is to kill deserters in order to prevent the loss of information. The bad thing about the Deserter is that this tanker is almost invincible and after their killing will appear on a new battlefield again. The deserters will be using only the following vehicles: T-28, T-34, Pz IV, Stug-III, M4 Sherman and M10 Wolverine.

To receive gold the player has to destroy the Deserter’s tank and provide a proof. A screenshot of the destroyed tank should be submitted on the forum in the respective topic. The thread will be open during a week and the results will be analyzed after the thread is closed. Successful killers will be awarded 250 gold.

However the first event will differ in rules from those meant to be held regularly. First of all Kill the Deserter event will take place every second Friday from 14:00 till 22:00 UTC and will be repeated on Saturday and Sunday during the same hours. There won’t be any restrictions on deserters’ vehicles other than tiers. They will be using tier 4-10 vehicles.

The proofs and rewards for destroying deserter’ tanks will remain the same.

Follow the updates and you will be in the current of all WoT events. See you on the battlefields!

UPD. DESERTER_WG player can be killed by the enemy team only. If the player is killed by a teammate, it will be considered a teamkill and will be puniched accordingly.

UPD. 01/08 Screenshot of the destroyed Deserter's tank can be submitted here within 1 week. The initial lists have already been created, the results are being analyzed and the final conclusion will be made after the thread is closed. Successful killers will be awarded 250 gold.