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New Type of Tank Needed. UPDATE

What can be lighter than a light tank? Only a paper tank. This is something WoT team offer you to create.

Every player who decides to participate in this contest should bear in mind that only one entry is allowed. The paper tank should be a model of one of those you can meet on WoT battlefields or at least it should be in development and will appear on battlefields eventually.

After the tank is created remember to sign it. You can leave your nickname anywhere on your paper tank. The model should be shown to public and the best way to do that is to take a few photos of the tank next to a box of matches or a coin to highlight the size of the newly-created tank.

The judgment of contest entries will be held in three categories – American, German and Soviet paper tanks. there will be three awardees in each category.

The winners will be awarded 3,500 gold. The prize for the second place is 3,000 gold and runners-up will get 2,500 gold.

The contest starts immediately and will be finished on July 31st at 23:59 UTC.

Contest entries should be posted in the respective topic on the forum.

UPD. The contest is finished. The results will be announced within a week.