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MVP: Taunted and Spotted

Light and Heavy tanks also known as Scouts and Steel Walls can become both a danger for rivals and an asset in skillful hands.

Until July 28th 23:59 UTC those vehicles could also become profitable if used by experienced and efficient players. Those on light tanks could earn gold by detecting enemies and those who prefer heavies could do that by withstanding the greatest number of hits.

For the category of Scouts any light tank could be used, whereas for Steel Walls only Tier 7 and Tier 8 heavy tanks were allowed.

The record of the fighters in the former category was 105 points. (How the points were counted, you can learn here)  This result was shown by two tankers HCC and KRULL_THE_WARRIOR. And this is the ultimate result possible! The award for the perfect performance will be 3,000 gold each.

The second place was taken by Maczok and loco_chico who got 101 points each for detecting enemy tanks and their general performance. Their prize is 2,500 gold.

The third result (99 points) was shown by StrEagle. The player will receive 2,000 gold.

97 points were earned by vastapallo and it was decided to award the tanker 750 gold.

The tanker to have taken the fifth place with the result of 95 is R3b00t. 500 gold will add to the player’s treasury.

As for the category of Steel Walls, variety in the choice of vehicles was observed. However the most popular one with the winners appeared to be PzKpfw VIB Tiger II. Namely this Steel Wall helped ziomek15 win a victory in this category. Their vehicle resisted 112 hits! Congratulations to the lucky owner of Tiger that brought 3,000 gold.

The result of SilentMan who used T29 for this competition was 97 hits. Good job and the award for it is 2,500 gold.

Nisu01 to have taken the third place with the result of 89 hits used two different vehicles in battles. Their choice was Tiger. The tanker will enjoy 2,000 gold.

It was also decided to award betta who withstood 76 hits and took the forth place. Their award is 750 gold.

Finally 73 resisted hits brought Alma_  the fifth place and 500 gold.

According to the requirements of the competition all those who partook in MVP in this category were supposed to gain the Steel Wall achievement to make their results count.

Most Valuable Player-2 is over and next Thursday (August 4th) the following round of the competition will be held. The conditions and requirements will be announced beforehand (August 3rd). Follow the news!

NB! We are willing to make the rules as clear as possible for all the tankers to comprehend. If you still have questions, feel free to ask in the discussion topic. Your questions will be taken into account when forming the rules for the next likewise event.