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MVP: Taunt and Spot

Who gives artillery targets to shoot? Who helps the team devise the tactics and time to implement it, surviving under enemy fire? The answer is: Light and Heavy tanks known also as Scouts and Steel Walls.

This time during MVP: Taunt and Spot we are looking for players who are real gurus dealing with those vehicles.

From now on till 23.59 UTC July 28th those on light tanks can earn gold by detecting the enemies and those who are on heavy ones can do that by withstanding the greatest number of hits.

Players are allowed to participate in both categories. For the category of Scouts any light tank can be used, there are no other vehicle restrictions. As for Steel Walls only Tier 7 and Tier 8 vehicles are allowed: IS, PzKpfw VI Tiger, T29, IS-3, PzKpfw VIB Tiger II, T32, KV-5, Lowe, M6A2E1. Apart from that regarding the second category the results will count only in case the player receives the Steel Wall achievement after the battle.

All battle results (up to 3 battles results for each category, namely screenshots of post-battle stats and of the battle results garage pop-up message) are to be submitted before 23:59 UTC July 28th in the respective topic on the forum. There you will also read the detailed requirements.

Winners in each category will be awarded 3,000 Gold, the second place will bring 2,500 Gold and the third prize-holder will enjoy 2,000 Gold.

NB! If after reading the rules on the forum, you still have questions, feel free to ask in the discussion topic. Your questions will be added to the special F.A.Q. section of rules.