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MVP: Sniper. Results

As usual the contest appeared to be popular with the players. Both categories were equally in-demand among the tankers.

Having analyzed all the uploaded screens, we are now ready with the final results.

In Sniper: Damage category the winner is Hotwired. Their number of MVP points is 69. The second best player in this category is Cynep with 65 MVP points. zebrafink12 and LiannaSilverwind got 63 points each and are both on the third place. The same situation is with place four: two players took it having received 60 MVP points. Those players are StrEagle and Rutger_NL. Finally we are happy to congratulate Ronin81 who took the fifth place with 57 MVP points.

The results in Sniper: Frags category are as follows:

Agent_Orange_ who earned 63 MVP points took the first place; Mych with 61 point is on the second place; the third result is 60 and it belongs to Maffin01; the fourth place was taken by two players – tvih and ChallengerCZ – whose results are 59 MVP points. Finally the luckies to appear on the fifth place are Sersch and wildice with 58 points.

Winners in each category will be awarded 3,000 Gold, the second place will bring you 2,500 Gold and the third prize-holder will enjoy 2,000 Gold. Also we will give 1,000 Gold for the 4th place and 500 Gold for the 5th.

The gold will be enrolled to players’ accounts within a week.


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