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MVP: Kill and Damage. Results

Kill'em all and Confederate are the two categories tankers were trying to show their superiority in. The main aim of those trying to Kill’em all was to destroy as many enemy vehicles as possible using Valentine, Matilda, T-34, Ram-II, PzKpfw III/IV, PzKpfw IV, M7, M4A3E8 Sherman, KV-1S, PzKpfw B2 740 (f), T1 Heavy, PzKpfw VI Tiger or SU-76. In addition to vehicles destroyed players could also earn achievements Top Gun, Defender, Invader, Steel Wall, Confederate and Scout were adding to the number of MVP points and counted as 3 extra points.

The list of winners in this category is here:

Demox and lorddevil3 – 44 MVP points – Winners

KwakCZ  - 38 MVP points – 2nd Place

Saudade_of_Sunday – 37 MVP points – 3rd Place

Dymitrius  and ABO – 35 MVP points – 4th Place

Squale – 34 MVP points – 5th Place

The rules of winning in Confederate category were the following: using Tier 5 SPGs players were supposed to damage or destroy as many vehicles as they could. Extra points could be obtained by getting Top Gun, Defender, Invader or Scout achievements. The entries were taken into account only if players had Confederate achievement.

The list of strongest players in this category is as follows:

Rutger_NL – 37 MVP points - Winner

Strikernm – 36 MVP points – 2nd Place

Dyaebl – 34 MVP points– 3rd Place

WalhallaJPN – 31 MVP points– 4th Place

mrhe82 and Maronno – 30 MVP points– 5th Place

Congratulations to the winners! They will be awarded 8,000 Gold. Second place-holders will enjoy 6,000 Gold each and the prize for the third place is 4,000 Gold. Also we are happy to give 2,000 Gold for the 4th place and 1,000 Gold for the 5th place. The gold will be enrolled to winners’ accounts within a week.