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Most Valuable Player Awards Await

MVP: Kill’em All was the beginning of a new series of contests aimed at those who prefer showing off their combat skills rather than partaking in creativity contests.

The first try to determine the most valuable players involved pure killing the enemies and presenting the results. The bigger the amount of destroyed tanks was, the more likely tankers were to reach the top in this competition.

The contest was held in three different categories: Medium tanks, TDs and SPGs.

Tank destroyers appeared to be the most popular vehicles with the contestants. As a result there were 10 players whose effort and combat skills were appreciated by the judges.

The results of the tankers to have taken the first place is 23 frags. Congratulations to klopsgoer and storeslem who showed such a result! Their prizes equal 3,000 gold.

Dyaebl, tHcSq_flex and Martok_ destroyed 22 enemy vehicles and will be awarded 2,500 gold.

The results of the third place winner is 21 frags. And this score belongs to BByte. The prize will be 2,000 gold.

Taking into consideration the fact that the scores were very close, the judges decided to extend the list of winners and award those who showed the fourth and fifth results.  Thus fyfas and PanzerZwerg got 19 frags and their prize will be 750 gold.

The fifth place is taken by DerFinnmeister. He will be awarded 500 gold.

In the category of TDs there was also a special prize introduced for Mordye. He showed top results, however violated the rules of submitting the screenshots. For the will-to-win spirit the player will receive 1,000 gold.

In the category of SPGs the most popular vehicle was Grille. It brought victory and 3,000 gold to NewMultiShow, second place and 2,500 gold to bujnik and third place and 2,000 gold to LaM4. The number of frags was 23, 21, 19 respectively. 19 frags was also the result of eFse7en who preferred the soviet SU-5 for this task. The artillerist will also get 2,000 gold.

Places 4 and 5 are also awarded.  attis17 (18 frags) takes the fourth place and will get 750 gold. Two tankers take the fifth place and will receive 500 gold each. Congratulations to johanatan and sourrou (15 frags each).

The category of Medium tanks was represented mostly by the German VK 3601 (H). At least the winner preferred this vehicle and got 21 frags owing to it. Congrats to Panzerfighter, the prize for the victory is 3,000 gold. Deaththirst used M4A3E8 to earn 19 frags. 18 enemy tanks were destroyed by MAX9 and his VK 3001 (P). The fourth place was taken by okatarinetabellaczikczik who got 17 frags. The number of tanks destroyed by those who took the fifth place was 15. Two tankers managed to earn this many frags. They are wilczy and seederi. They will receive 500 gold.

The second round of MVP competition will be announced next Wednesday. Most Valuable player will become a weekly event. Its format will be similar to the first try. Gathering the feedback from MVP participants will help us form a permanent set of competitions that would be the most attractive for WOT players.

Looking forward to meeting you on the battlefields!