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Matryoshka’s Craft. Finished.

World of Tanks suggests that everyone shall put their feet up, relax and enjoy our quest on May Day!

A crafty Matryoshka might bring a player 5,000 gold. It will be possible only for those players who are more cunning than our Matryoshka.

The heroine of Russian folklore is going to hold a quest dedicated to World of Tanks starting 9.00 AM UTC May 1st till 9.00 AM UTC May 2nd.

Matryoshka will provide a number of tasks based on the game, its vehicles, tactics, strategies. The answer to each question will be the key to the next task.

The first task you will find here. Mind that you have to have WinRar in order to be able to open it.

If you are craftier than our Matryoshka and faster than others, you will get your prize. The answer to the final question is to be e-mailed to If you are one of the first seven entrants who emailed the correct answers to us, your knowledge and efforts will be rewarded.

Alongside the answers remember to provide your nick and the server you are registered with.

Good luck and have fun!

Update. May 2. Matryoshka's Craft is over. The results.