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Matryoshka Got Defeated

Matryoshka Assault Shipping quest and quiz took place in WOT on June 8th and lasted 24 hours. Several hundreds of tankers were attracted by Matryoshka’s craft this time. The riddles hidden in the most unexpected corners of the web were quickly spotted and solved correctly by about 60 players.

The lucky winners are Whizzzkey, Juha686 and JTS. They will be awarded 5,000 gold each.

Knowledge and headpiece of TisBACK, dktank and Bareideru headed them for the second result. Their prize will amount to 2,500 gold.

As for the runners-up, there are 5 of them – RAZORLIGHT, peksi, Rooky2001, LinasIV and Mildar. Although according to the rules there were supposed to be only 4 players to occupy the third place, peksi and Mildar sent their letters simultaneously. Their prize will be 1250 gold.

Congratulations to all the smart winners of the trickiest contest in World of Tanks!