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March-Past Is Due

We have already announced the results of the former and now we bring the results of the latter to your attention.

Clan Parade was meant to be a video contest demonstrating either a traditional or a creative view on military parades. The participants who submitted their entries presented both and in some cases simultaneously.

Those who were courageous enough to try out something new and combine it with old reliable parade rules proved right. And the most successful endeavour belongs to DoubleDutchClan. Their contest entry was voted the best solidly. The prize that they get is 30,000 gold.

The video that also captured the imagination of the judges was the one submitted by Team Germany. Their result was the second and brings them 20,000 gold.

Finally the team to close up the winners’ list is Black Devils with their clan parade. The prize for the runners-up is 10,000 gold.

All winning videos will appear on the community portal in Fan Video section shortly.

We congratulate all the winners and wish them strength and luck in their fights and battles.

NB. Clan leaders are expected to contact Valter via PM providing the list of players to get the winning gold.