Guns Out! March of Nations is Coming


'Tis the season for epic tank competition! This November, we’re hosting March of Nations, where anyone taking Tier VII–X tanks into Random Battles can compete for glory and rewards. The event is four independent tournaments, one for each tier group. And there's no limits—choose as many tourneys as you want, register in each, and climb the leaderboards. As you put your skills to work, we’ll build 36 categories to feature the finest tankers of each tech tree within every tier group. The top players among all leaderboards will walk away with exclusive rewards to let you stand out from the pack.

Interested? Read on…


  • Timeframe: Nov. 15, 08:00 CET through Nov. 29, 08:00 CET (UTC+1)
  • Prime Time: 08:00–02:00 CET (UTC+1). Prime times are the same for all regional servers. 
    IMPORTANT: Only battles fought during the prime time will count in this event.
  • Registration: Nov. 8 08:00 CET through Nov. 22 08:00 CET (UTC+1). You can register right in the game client. 
    IMPORTANT: If you have it in you to compete in several tournaments at once, make sure you’re registered in each.
  • Vehicles: Select Tier VII–X tanks. The full list can be found in-game under Missions, Events, March of Nations, Tournament Vehicles.
  • Format: Random Battles (exceptions: Grand Battles, Platoons)
  • Leaderboards: Nine national leaderboards in each of the four tournaments.
  • Rewards: The more leaderboards you climb, the more rewards you get! Players who reach high positions will receive event-exclusive badges to celebrate their mastery, resilience, and perseverance. Badges are displayed in the Garage and in battles next to your name, letting everyone see. Top players will also get Premium Account time and Personal Reserves.


How do I get started?

Pick the tiers you’re best at, register in the tournaments for those tiers (Nov. 8–22), and battle your way up the rankings during prime time.

How Do I Place on a Leaderboard?

Just rack up as much Base XP as you can over five battles in eligible vehicles (the tournament's tier and from the same nation's tech tree).Once you’re on the leaderboard, improve your skill and work your way up!

EXAMPLE: Playing three games in the T-62A, one in the IS-7 and one more in the IS-4 can get you on the leaderboard for Soviet Tier X tanks. There’s no need to play five successive battles in them, it’s your five best battles by Base XP that count. Then, keep improving your standing throughout the event.

Which battles count?

All Random battles fought during prime time count after you’ve registered. The only exceptions are Grand Battles and Platoons (both regular and dynamic).

Where can I check my standing?

This time, you can check to see who’s in the lead at any time without closing the game client. Just go to Missions Þ Events Þ March of Nations.

How often do the leaderboards update?

Every hour, to ensure rankings are relevant whenever you check them.


If you have questions that aren't addressed, please feel free to share feedback on our forum. Stay tuned for March of Nations Rules & Regulations and get ready for some intense battles!