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Lordliest Lords

One of the most difficult contests to judge and as a result one of the most biased contests ever has been over. Having looked through many pages of contest entries the judges got overwhelmed and it took quite a while for them to arrive at final decision.

The judgment’s been done and we are ready to congratulate the winners!

The victory and 5,000 gold go to 8Snupi8 for his romantic view of himself and the world of tanks around. You can find the winning entry on forums.

Narz155 and honest fear in his eyes couldn’t leave ladies indifferent. The player gets 3,000 gold for his fear and the reflection of a tank in glasses.

There was another player who got the same amount of points in the voting. roblack also gets 3,000 gold for something they are expecting

The third lordliest picture belongs to nerfCZ and brings him 1,500 gold. Being run over by a tank is definitely worth the prize. Check it out here.

However female part o WOT team appeared to be generous and prolonged the list of winners stating that it is a shame that not all the contestants will get prizes. More contestants will get prizes! 750 gold will be enrolled to their accounts as a special prize from ladies of different departments of

Here goes the list of awardees:

  • tigerstreak and his underwater tank gets the prize from the ladies of User Support Department,
  • kemmler  and his oil painting of himself as a tanker has been noticed and appreciated by the ladies of PR Department,
  • the_buggane and his creative view of a really old British comedy “If You Go Down the Woods Today” got acknowledgement from the ladies of HR department,
  • Hornedgod’s contest entry was evaluated highly by the ladies of Community department,
  • dagozu’s drawing was considered emotional and moving by the ladies from Art department,
  • bronkostar84 provided a photo which was  loved by the ladies of Localization and Technical Communication department,
  • KingDingeling amazed the ladies of the QA department by his contest work,
  • XiTiX and his contest entry was liked by Content department ladies,
  • muecke21’ s image brings him gold from the ladies of the department of Assistance.

Congratulations everyone!