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At last Best Porsсhe Vehicles Chosen!

A couple months ago World of Tanks started the great but tricky contest named Design Your Porsche Vehicle, which required all the creative skills and technical knowledge of a partaker. We suggested creating the vehicles of all tank types: light, medium, heavy tanks, TDs and SPGs.

Lots of players have taken part in the competition, sending their ideas and drafts to specialists. Unfortunately, many of them couldn't get to the top due to several reasons: some of them had no Porsche patterns, others lacked realism and could never be produced because of breaking the laws of physics, and the rest of them just didn't meet the requirements of the contest; but each submitted work that we have received was a real piece of art, regardless any its drawbacks.

After the ArmchairGeneral experts examined accurately each introduced tank model in particular, we are ready to name the winners of the contest, who presented the most realistic tank drafts!

The creator of the winning Porsche vehicle VK 4502 Ausf. C will be granted 15,000 Gold! He surprised us most of all with his concept as well as with not providing his in-game nickname. Thus, we would like to ask him to send a message with the nickname to from the e-mail he used during the contest.

The second place goes to CoreMaster101 with his VK 4991 (P) - this player will get 13,000 Gold for the idea of the tank!

Third place is given to Buflak_bacsi and his Typ 1012k, which guarantees him getting 10,000 in-game gold!

Fourth place goes to Monder with the Geschützwagen Maus tank; the player will get 9,000 Gold for the submitted drafts!

And the fifth place is granted to ASFDestroyer who created vk5501 vehicle: ASFDestroyer will be awarded with 7,500 Gold!

Besides that, we could not help awarding several players with special prizes as their works are terrific as well.

The following players will get 5,000 Gold each:

  • Hunpanther for the Ferdinand II
  • wildshade for the Standartpanzer 412c-22 (P)
  • GENERALnachocheese for the Vk2848 (P)
  • and walak for the Ferdinand II

Congratulations to the winners and all of the participants - you did a great job! Thanks for your efforts and the impressive tank projects!