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Kill the Mod: Afterwipe

On April 16th starting at 16:00 until 18:00 UTC players will get an opportunity to meet the teams of developers and moderators on the battlefields and win some gold for it! “Kill the Mod” of the “afterwipe era” will differ from its “ancestor” in the following: this time team will be forming platoons and participating in random battles on vehicles of lower tiers. Thus your chance of getting gold increase!

If you are lucky to face the mods during the two hours stated above you will receive 250 in-game gold. It happens in cases when the opposing to moderators’ team wins (all 15 players of the team) and when the team that the Mods are on wins (all 12 players will be rewarded, whereas developers and moderators don't get any gold). After the event the gold will be enrolled to your accounts manually within a week.

However if you face the Mods at any other time then the one stated above, you won’t get any gold.

You are welcome to make screenshots showing the score tables at the end of the battles.

Come and show the world that you are brave enough to fight with us or against us!