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Kill the Mod… Again! UPDATE


Haven’t met the mods and devs on the battlefields yet? Try again! On May 8th, from 14:00 to 16:00 UTC representatives and moderators will be forming tank companies to fight against you.

Those whose combat skills will prove better than ours will be generously rewarded. Their prize will amount to 1,000 gold for each tanker of the company. Those who will be less successful in battles will still receive some compensation 500 gold each.

Though meeting our mods is pure luck, remember this is not the last chance you can make them feel the power of your tanks. Therefore even if you realize that your rivals are not the mods, wage your war decently.

And if your skills are not limited to the battlefields, feel free to compete in our creativity contests. One of them is organized especially for clan members and requires you to make a unique video presentation of your clan. The contest has been prolonged and now finishes on May 31st, don't miss the chance to win a fair amount of gold for your clan. Check out the details of Clan Parade contest on our forums.

UPD. The results will be announced shortly.