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Kill the Courier Event Has Begun!

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The first weekend of September will be different from other ones in World of Tanks. Starting September 2nd and up till September 4th players will get a chance to encounter a new courier who possesses valuable information and is eager to spread it illegally!

UPD. September 2nd. The event has begun!

Kill the courier on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday from 14:00 UTC to 22:00 UTC. The player COURIER_WG will be appearing here and there on World of Tanks battlefields on different vehicles. They are VK 3001 (P), Tiger (P), PzKpfw VIB Tiger, VK 4502 Ausf A, VK 4502Ausf B, Maus and Ferdinand.Do your best to prevent the disaster and stop the information leakage!

Those who appear to play against the Courier can get 250 gold for their destruction. To receive gold the player has to provide a proof. A screenshot of the destroyed tank should be submitted on the forum in the respective topic. The thread will be open during a week and the results will be analyzed after the thread is closed.

NB! COURIER_WG player can be killed by the enemy team only. If the player is killed by a teammate, it will be considered a teamkill and will be punished accordingly.

See you on the battlefields!