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Hymn Contest Winners

Our tankers were recently offered to create WoT hymns during Hymn contest. After reading all the terrific lines, made by our poets, we are ready to name the winners of the contest!

Here they are, the noble prize winners!

First place goes to gigeli and his The Symphony Of Shattered Steel, which bring him 6,000 Gold. The second place and 4,000 Gold go to yamateur with his hymn. Third place holder is CroCitizen2407, who gets 2,000 Gold for The Hymn of WoT.

Besides that, due to the loads of submitted pieces of art, we decided to prolong the list of winners! Thus, fourth place goes to BoPe86, whose hymn brings him 1,500 Gold! Fifth place and 1,000 in-game gold go to Kirkonja, who created the following hymn.

And the five warriors will be awarded with 500 Gold each for their poems: Apash, Nav11, Davemasterchief, LostFrontier and twistank!

Congratulations to winners and see you in the next contest!