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Hot May for WoT. UPDATE. 05/06


The wind of significant changes will blow in World of Tanks in May. A highly-expected update which represents the quintessence of players' suggestions, impressions and significantly changes game mechanics is to appear next month. In addition to it, clan members are waiting impatiently for Clan Wars to start which is also to happen in May.

To celebrate the upcoming valuable updates invites you to participate in three different events.

The contest Elbe Day will suit those who are interested in both history and photography. The main theme of the photo contest is definitely the “Elbe Day” itself - the turning point in history - April 25, 1945, when the Soviet and American troops met at the River Elbe, near Torgau in Germany, thus making an important step towards the end of the World War II in Europe. The main idea of the contest is to use in-game screenshots where a tank is the leading character and make it look historical. The winner of the contest will reveive 12,500 gold. The prize for the second place is 8,500 gold and the third place awardee will get 5,000 gold. The details you will find in the respective topic on the forum.

Another contest that would be a challenge for clan representatives is also starting now. Clan Parade is a video contest meant to demonstrate a traditional (although innovations are welcomed too) parade of at least ten vehicles belonging to clan members. The videos are expected to be of high quality and not longer than 5 minutes. The main condition of participation is that the clan should be officially registered with WOT. The winners will be awarded with 30,000 gold. For the second and third places prizes will be 20,000 and 10,000 gold respectively. All other conditions you will find on the forum.

Both the contests end on May 8th.

And finally to make your mark during the marathon we offer you to participate in a competition that has become commonplace for WOT – Kill the Mod: The Return of Tank Company. If you haven’t killed enough Mods yet, take your chance again.  The opportunity to do this you will get on May 8th starting 2:00 PM UTC and up to 4:00 PM UTC. The only difference from the most recent “Kill the Mod!” will be in organization. This time mods and devs will get together in tank companies. For more information you can check the respective topic on the forum.

We look forward to meeting you on any of the contest battlefields.

UPD. The information on prizes for Elbe Day and Clan Parade has been updated. Check the respective topics on forums.

UPD. 05/06. The Clan Parade contest is prolonged and will be finished on May 31st.