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gamescom Contest: Attack Now! - Winners Announced

The contest has now ended and the winners have been decided. Have a look at the list of the winners to know if you are among them!


gamescom is definitely one of the highlights of August and we are really looking forward to heading for Cologne, presenting our games and meeting our community! We know that not everyone will have the opportunity to join us for the event, so we have decided to prepare a special contest for those staying at home during the gamescom week.

The Goal  

Score the highest base experience* possible in a single battle during the given timeframe.

*This means that no additional XP bonuses (such as Premium Account, mission rewards, first victory of the day, etc.) will be taken into consideration to determine the rankings.

The applicable vehicles will be divided into two separate categories:

  • Premium Tanks - any premium tank of Tier V or higher
  • Standard Tanks – any non-premium tank of Tier VI or higher

For more information, please refer to the Rules and Conditions below.


IMPORTANT: please note that you don’t have to register for this contest in any way. Every single player fighting battles in the applicable vehicles and within the contest’s timeframe will be considered a participant by default. Moreover, there is no need to send us any screenshots or replays with your score, as we will be pulling the results directly from the game’s database once the contest is over.


Do your best while battling during the gamescom week because scoring high in the rankings can earn you many great prizes, including premium tanks, Premium Account and special USB keys from HyperX!


Prizes are the same for both categories

1st place

Type 59 (+ garage slot) 

+ 30 days Premium Account

HyperX FURY USB 3.0 drive

2nd place

Type 59 (+ garage slot)  

+ 15 days Premium Account

HyperX FURY USB 3.0 drive

3rd place

Type 59 (+ garage slot) 

+ 7 days Premium Account

HyperX FURY USB 3.0 drive

4th place

Type 62 (+ garage slot) 

+ 3 days Premium Account

HyperX FURY USB 3.0 drive

5th place

Type 62 (+ garage slot)

HyperX FURY USB 3.0 drive

Places 6-10



Places 11-20


Rules and Conditions

  • The contest will begin on 13 August and will end on 24 August at 23:59 CEST (UTC+2).
  • The goal of the contest is to earn the highest base XP in a single battle within the given timeframe of the contest.
  • There are two categories:
    • Premium Tanks - any premium tank of Tier V or higher
    • Standard Tanks – any non-premium tank of Tier VI or higher
  • Players can participate in both categories but can only win in one. If the player earns a place in the rankings of both, only the higher place will be taken into account; the lower place will go to the player next in line.
  • If playing in a platoon, the tanks in the platoon have to be of the same tier.
  • You don’t need to submit any screenshots or replays! Wargaming will be pulling the statistics directly from our European database to form the top 20 list, based on highest base XP earned in a single battle.
  • The battle results counted will not include bonuses (Premium Account, Double XP for the first victory of the day, experience multiplier bonuses, etc.)
  • Only Random Battles will count. Clan Wars, Tank Companies and Team battles will not be included.
  • If you already have one of the tanks offered in the garage (Type 59 or Type 62) you will be compensated with its purchase price: 7,500 Gold for the Type 59, 4,800 Gold for the Type 62 and 300 Gold for the garage slot.


The winners

Regular tanksPremium tanks
Place Player Place Player
1st hoopo74 1st Piranha77
2nd AeoN_Akira 2nd batman86
3rd Tuurskii 3rd MacMoney97
4th HUMMER78 4th kakas98
5th aftvor 5th perni23
6th-10th HTank_zveky
6th-10th ENTD
11th-20th _MAUS_E100_
11th-20th Kawasaki43


Commanders, train hard so that you’re ready when the time comes!