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Firestorm Passed By

More than 24 hours were given to players to achieve best results possible in the third round of MVP involving self-propelled guns and tank-destroyers.

This time the players were struggling in two categories: Death from Above and Confederate.
For the Death from Above category Tier 3-6 vehicles were allowed (SU-26, Sturmpanzer II, Wespe, М37, SU-5, Grille, M7 Priest, SU-8, Hummel, M41, SU-14, S-51, GW-Panther, M12). They were divided into two groups. Tiers 3-4 and Tiers 5-6 were judged separately.

According to the rules players received two points for each destroyed enemy vehicle and one point for each damaged enemy vehicle. This amount was doubled, if the player’s team won and the player survived. In addition participants received extra 9 points for the Reaper achievement.

The results in the first group of Death from Above (Tiers 3-4) are as follows:

1.      eFse7en – 116 points (3,000 gold)

2.      Torsoise - 114 points (2,500 gold)

3.      PinkiePie - 107 points (2,000 gold)

4.      RedeemerPL - 106 points (1,000 gold)

5.      Maronno  - 96 points (500 gold)

6.      haz111PL  - 96 points (500 gold)

The results in the second group of Death from Above (Tiers 5-6) are below:

1.      lUnLeashl – 101 points (3,000 gold)

2.      MrKatana  - 99 points (2,500 gold)

3.      XanXus - 96 points (2,000 gold)

4.      Cean - 94 points (1,000 gold)

5.      Sersch  - 91 points (500 gold)

Struggling for victory in the Confederate category, players were allowed to use Tier 4 and Tier 7 Tank Destroyers (SU-85B, Hetzer, T-40, SU-85, Stug III, M-10 Wolverine, SU-100, JagdPz IV, M36 Slugger, SU-152 Jagdpanther, T25 AT). To earn points they had to get the Confederate achievement.
Below goes the list of the most successful tankers who prefer TDs:

1.      Dymitrius - 106 points (3,000 gold)

2.      Misth - 68 points (2,500 gold)

3.      nebsif - 64 points (2,000 gold)

4.      Sarker - 59 points (1,000 gold)

5.      Motions - 56 points (500 gold)

Congratulations to the winners! Get ready for the next round of MVP that will be announced next Wednesday.

Special Prize and 1,000 gold goes to DerFinnmeister for showing good results and striving for victory!

NB. For the first time the results have been resumed for WoT Community Contributors. If you have any questions regarding the results, contact moderator Devil.