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The Drill: Last Man Standing. UPDATE

Following the series of successful combat performances, three teams proved their right to struggle for becoming the participants of the winning round. They are 1stPAD - 4Fun Team, Panzerknacker and Pirates "Francis Drake".  

1stPAD - 4Fun Team has already made it to the Finals. It got a free slot due to their possible rivals 1st PAD Poraszka argrinA and Pirates "Henry Morgan" drew at the quarter-final stage of the tournament and were disqualified (according to 5/60 Division Regulations).

The second finalist will be announced today after the semifinal is over. Panzerknacker will face  Pirates "Francis Drake" today (May, 14th) at 19:00 UTC. The team who will prove their superiority will meet 1stPAD - 4Fun Team May 15th at 19:00 UTC in the epic struggle for the main prize – 15,000 gold for every player of the winning team. The team that will be knuckled down by the champions will be awarded with 7,500 gold for each player. And the runners-up will get 5,000 gold each.

Follow the updates here and you will find out who “drills” impeccably!

UPD. 16/5 The Finals of The Drill tournament took place on May 15th and demonstrated that the most powerful team appeared to be Panzerknacker. They showed their superiority in semi-finals where they won a victory over Pirates "Francis Drake" (2:0). The final battle ended with the same result (2:0) and 1stPAD - 4Fun Team who had got a free slot and made it first to the Finals.

Congratulations! The "golden prize" will be received by the players shortly.