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The Drill Training Camp

A new tournament is calling to the colours those whose vehicles do not exceed tier 5. If your tank satisfies the main requirement, you can organize a team or become part of one and take part in The Drill Training Camp Championship.

A team can be formed by anyone and team members do not have to be representatives of a clan.

The only restrictions are that the whole team can have no more than 60 tank tier points in total, not exceeding tier 4 for artillery and tier 5 for the other classes.

The play-off system will require to win 2 victories in 5 battles. The competitions will be held on Westfield map.

The detailed regulations and rules you will find in the respective topic of the forum.

The registration starts now and will be closed on May 2nd. The length of the tournament will depend on the quantity of participants.

The page dedicated to the tournament you will find here.