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The Drill: Field Workout Schedule

World of Tanks team is ready to announce the schedule of the approaching tournament named The Drill: Field Workout.

The general schedule of The Drill: Field Workout tournament is the following:

1/128 - July 25th - 18:00 UTC

1/64 - July 25th - 19:40 UTC

1/32 - July 26th - 18:00 UTC

1/16 - July 26th - 19:40 UTC

1/8 - July 27th - 18:00 UTC

1/4 - July 27th - 19:40 UTC

1/2 - July 28th - 18:00 UTC

Final - July 28th - 19:40 UTC

In order to view general regulations and the detailed tournament schedule, please find The Drill: Field Workout page on Ultimate Conquest website, or simply click here. (Attention! There is no need to re-count the time stated in the schedule, as the time, given on The Drill:Field Workout page on Ultimate Conquest website shows your local time automatically)

General information about The Drill: Field Workout tournament

Get ready for the battles and stay tuned for more World of Tanks!